You can probably be born famous only in some kind of royal family. And it's not a fact that the whole world will know about you. In the current selection - celebrities who were once ordinary people, no one cared about them. Something has changed over time, and now many will be able to see painfully familiar faces in young "not yet stars".
At the same time, you can play a "guessing game" - some of the persons below are harder to guess than others. The reason is not only popularity: people change.

This is 1969, and Robin Williams is only 18 years old. However, the traits are well guessed. At first, he decided to study political science, and then gave up and devoted himself to acting. His talent was quickly appreciated
Every Belarusian knows what Keanu Reeves looks like at any age. In 1984 he was young, played hockey, and wanted to stay in the sport. But changed his mind when he debuted on TV
But the task is more difficult. This photo was taken between 1955 and 1959 when Morgan Freeman was in the Air Force. On stage, by the way, he made his debut at the age of 12, while studying at school he was busy in a local radio show
And again, the face is guessed almost immediately: this is Jim Carrey in the 80s. His family was not at all rich, he had to earn money. He dropped out of school for stand-up appearances - as a comedian, he quickly gained recognition and popularity.
Susan Sarandon at the age of 17 in 1963. She studied at the theater, moonlighted as a cleaner, haircuts and anything else
Well, no options here: Peter Dinklage. In the photo - the 80s of the last century. He wanted to become an actor since childhood. It came true, although he did not become a star at once
Take a closer look and you'll recognize Tom Hanks. In 1974 he looked a little different but was trendy. He chose the acting path consciously and early
Obviously, this is Dwayne Johnson. It is not obvious that he is 15 years old in the photo.
Again, the task is more difficult. 1946, served in the Royal Navy of Great Britain. True, I had to leave for medical reasons. I had to change many jobs, and then Sean Connery was noticed on TV. Not in vain
16-year-old Angelina Jolie. Thanks to her parents, she got into the cinema early, but popularity did not come to her immediately.
Christoph Waltz in 1975. Actor of the second (or third) plan, TV presenter, and not too prominent character. See you with Quentin Tarantino in the second half of the 2000s
Not an actor, but a popular performer. Then, in the early 80s, not very much. If you haven't guessed right, this is Eminem
Lady Gaga at the dawn of her career (rather before her). She studied music from the very childhood, but for a long time she could not get upstairs


1990, young Christian Bale. Inspired by the fate of Gary Oldman and became an actor. He started, however, with commercials (in particular, Lenor)
The 1965 year. It is unlikely that you can guess right away who is in the photo. And this is Tommy Lee Jones
Another actor whose image is completely different: this is how Clint Eastwood looked in 1948
Quentin Tarantino is difficult to confuse with someone else. The 1983 year
It's not hard to guess, it's harder to believe. This is Vin Diesel in the 80s. He entered the stage in his youth, and then slowly made his way into a big movie
And this guy once invented Facebook. Yes, in 2002 Mark Zuckerberg didn't look like a billionaire