Social networks, emails, video hosting, news resources, and also TikTok, online games ... That's all good, but it's a drop in the ocean, to be honest. There are countless cool resources on the network that many do not even know exist. Some allow you to quickly and efficiently remove the background on images in a couple of clicks, others can use keywords to come up with a brand name, visualize merchandise, and still, others select music and books based on your preferences, etc.

Even though the functionality of most sites is cut down in the free mode, they can be used. However, take a look, try it yourself, and share your experience in the comments, which services did you like or were still useless.

Photo: Depositphotos

RemoveBg - fast and high-quality background removal

Removing and replacing the background in images is one of the most popular functions of graphic editors. This procedure can be performed correctly only in Photoshop, but the process itself takes a lot of time. At the same time, Photoshop is a paid utility that requires the installation and advanced skills to use.

The RemoveBg resource is designed to simplify the procedure for removing the background in images - everything is done in a few mouse clicks. The service quite competently defines the contours of objects, separating them from the background, even if everything is within the same focal length. Until recently, the resource allowed you to upload only photos with people, but now you can remove the background on any images. The only drawback is that in the free mode you can get a picture of no more than 500x500 pixels in size.


NameLix - endless name generator

Previously, in order to come up with a brand name, you had to brainstorm, use all your creative potential. Now everything is much simpler: just go to  Namelix, describe the idea of ​​a startup, select the desired number of characters and name style, and the service will select creative names and logos - two in one. The finished result will remain to be brought to the ideal, if necessary, and to engage in brand promotion.

A nice bonus is the generation of the visual part, namely the appearance of the merchandise, website, application for a smartphone or computer, and even a page on social networks.


Gnod - top tips for music, art, film, and literature

Find something new and worthy when tons of pieces have been reviewed, rehearsed, and re-read? No matter how it is - the Gnod recommendation system will definitely be able to brighten up your leisure time and advise something interesting in the field of art, music, cinema, and literature. All recommendations are given only on the basis of the entered information about what you like: favorite music artists, writers, artists, film genres, etc. The algorithm "digests" the information received and offers a selection according to the search query. An ideal option to discover something new, to update the long-worn background and video library.


Nvidia Image Inpainting - Simple Photo Retouching

We figured out how to remove the background in the pictures, but if you need to get rid of only a certain element in the photo? There is no need to download Photoshop or similar applications to a smartphone / PC again - the Image Inpainting resource from Nvidia will come to the rescue. The tool "green" with the help of a repair brush can remove unnecessary elements in photographs or restore damaged areas.

Since the service is based on neural networks, it is constantly being improved, but so far it does not work perfectly. Unpleasant artifacts often appear in place of removed objects, the number of which can be reduced by re-retouching photographs. In general, if you need to quickly get rid of an unnecessary element and the quality requirements are not very high, Nvidia Image Inpainting is at your service.


AutoDraw - creating icons from drawings

How to create your own icons if you don't know how to draw at all and don't want to install a vector editor? That's right, you just need to visit the AutoDraw resourceThe service is able to recreate beautiful icons from clumsy drawings, for which you will not need to pay on photo stocks. Simple and effective, although there is no need to talk about any uniqueness in this case.


Announcer from

The presentation of information through videos is much more effective than a printed analog. This is evidenced by the forecasts of experts - by 2022, 79% of Internet traffic in the Russian Federation will be on online video. But what if there is no desire to shine in front of the camera, and there is clearly not enough voiceover skill? There is a way out - the use of an announcer from

The service has already filmed and prepared everything, and you just have to write the text that you want to voice. This is a good solution for running your own video news blog. Naturally, this kind of content will be of the same type and will not gain great popularity, but as a temporary solution - why not? For short video presentations, this is a must-have.


ClipDrop - instantly cuts objects from the photo

A kind of analog of Removebg, since it also removes the background from images. However, the functionality of the service is much wider, since ClipDrop is an application for a computer and smartphone (macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android). Apps for different platforms can be used in tandem and do really cool things. In general, it is better to see once - the functionality of the utility is demonstrated in the video.


Datagrid - generating people and clothes

Japanese experts have developed a unique and very unusual algorithm that simulates the work of photo models. The service can simultaneously replace photographers, models, and designers who create clothes for online stores.

For ordinary users, the resource does not yet bring any practical benefit, but for the owners of online stores on sites such as Ozone, Wildberries, etc., this is a valuable find.

Datagrid generates non-existent people, so no written agreement from the models is required. The website is only gaining momentum, but it is already clear that in the future it will deprive people of previously voiced professions of jobs.


Bigjpg - enlarge photos without losing quality

How to enlarge a photo without losing detail? Some graphics editors can slightly increase the resolution, but it is simply impossible to get a competent upscale of images by 4.8 or even 16 times using standard tools. So you need to act outside the box, namely, use the Bigjpg resource. Even in free mode, it is able to enlarge images by 4 times while maintaining the original quality, and with a paid subscription upscale is possible up to 16x.