Ebola scientist claims deadly new fever in Congo

Congolese microbiologist Jean-Jacques Muembe-Tamphum, who discovered the Ebola virus in the past, believes a deadly new disease has emerged in the Congo. He stated this in an interview with CNN. The disease was diagnosed in a patient in the west of the country. Tests showed that she was free of the Ebola virus and other known diseases in the presence of symptoms of hemorrhagic fever. The new virus was named “disease X”. The carrier is isolated, she is allowed to communicate with loved ones only through a closed window. 

The WHO took the microbiologist's statement very seriously. The Russian Rospotrebnadzor also showed attention to the situation. Now they are studying all the sources and publications on the situation in the Congo. As the deputy director of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, Alexander Gorelov, noted, the symptoms described by Muembe-Tamfum do not necessarily indicate an infectious disease. He recommends refraining from panic until the pathogen is found.

I think that it is premature to fear a new pandemic because the symptoms of a hemorrhagic fever can also be observed in classic hemorrhagic and allergic vasculitis. This may be a somatic non-communicable disease, or congenital vascular fragility, which is enhanced by the action of infectious agents, or manifestation of autoimmune diseases, - said Gorelov news agency "RIA Novosti".